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Theory Test and Hazard Perception: Pass Your Tests

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There’s nothing more embarrassing than having to tell your mates you failed your theory test or hazard perception test. It is even worse when it is not the first time you have taken the tests.

Even if you have not taken the tests yet, we can help. Props to you for checking out how to get help before you take the test! Nice job!

In all seriousness, getting your driver’s license is a big step. Before you walk away disappointed, keep reading to see how we can help.

Want to Pass your Theory and Hazard Perception Test?

We can help!

Here at, we have all of the questions from the 2010 Driving Theory Test. Not only that, we also have Official Hazard Perception clips for you to prepare with.

Imagine how helpful it would be to have these at your disposal before you take the real tests! We can help you pass.

Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you pass both the theory and hazard perception tests. First, we are going to take a quick look at the two tests so that you know what to expect. Then, we will look closer at exactly how we can help you. Ready to go?

2010 Driving Theory Test

For this part of your test, you will be given 50 multiple choice questions. You will have just under an hour to complete the test, meaning you are going to have a little over a minute per question. As you might guess, this can be nerve-racking!

If you want to avoid the panic of sitting down in front of a computer and having to quickly answer a series of questions quickly, it is best to become familiar with the process. This is easily done if you have access to the questions typically used in the test.

Here’s another free tip - if you finish the test early, go back and review your answers if you have the time. This may seem unnecessary, but you don’t want to lose out by missing one question that you may have misread if you were in a hurry.

Official Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard perception test is a second section of the theory test, and it must be passed at the same time. By practicing with the official training videos provided by the DSA you will be able to build the skills you need to pass both tests.

Sitting in front of a computer and being shown clips can be stressful. It is a good idea to practice with hazards that are similar to the ones that are going to be used. In your test you are required to find 15 hazards in total. The lack of sound in the clips can make it more difficult.

Typically, you will be required to hit the mouse button when you see a situation in the video clip that would cause you to take action if you were a driver. The sooner you spot the hazards, the better your score. Depending on what type of license you are getting, you will have to have a score of at least a certain level(for cars and motocycles you need to get more then 44 marks).

How We Can Help You Pass Both Tests - the First Time

Here is a quick look at the benefits and value you will receive.

  • You will have access to every question from the official Driving Standards Agency question bank. The questions apply to both cars and motorcycles. Imagine how useful it would be to know the questions before you take the test.
  • You will also get to use official hazard perception training clips. Our scoring works very similar to the official test, so you can be sure it will help you prepare for the real thing. Sitting in front of that computer screen can cause you to freeze if you are not familiar with it.
  • You will quickly be able to familiarize yourself with over 600 road signs and markings - with descriptions. For some people, this is the most difficult portion of the test. We can even help you with this part of the test - rest assured.
  • You also get an online version of the highway code, making it convenient for you to study wherever you have Internet access - even your mobile phone! You will be able to study more efficiently - and be prepared for the test when you take it.

Ready to Get Started - and Pass Your Test?

These are a few of the ways you can get started.

  • Need help with the DSA car theory test or motorcycle theory test? Click here to access over 1200 questions and answers from the test you will be required to take. Find out more

  • Worried about the hazard perception clips? - Practice with our training clips until you are ready for your test. Our training clips are like the ones used in the real test! Click here to find out more.

  • Traffic sign Help? - We have a complete list with descriptions. We can help you learn all of the traffic signs so that you can pass this portion of the test. Click here to find out more

  • Help with the Highway Code? - We have an updated electronic version you can use. This makes it convenient and easy for you to read the highway code so you know it when you take the test. Click here to find out more

How soon can you start? How does today sound? Joining us is easy and simple.

If you want to try us out first, you can sign up for 3 free mock theory tests with us.

After you have registered with us, click on the free trial button to activate your trial. Click HERE to register for the free trial.

Passing your theory and hazard prevention tests does not have to be stressful if you prepare. We can help.